EV Charging Stations

MMX Energy provides solutions for electric vehicle charging. We consult anyone interested (EV owners, parking lot owners, landlords, car dealers, municipalities) to help them find and install the most suitable EV charging stations for their needs. We offer EV charging stations from the main producers, such as ABL Sursum, Efacec, Circontrol. Our partners collaborate with the car manufacturers, therefore the charging stations are suitable for any electric car - even the ones that are not available in the market yet! 

Our products:


We will take care of delivering the product straight from the producer to your door


We provide electrical connection design and installation


We ensure that the maintenance and care is done according to the EU standards

Charging Station Types

Private charging stations

If you are an electric vehicle owner, you need an appropriate charging station. This is important because an EV charging station has several benefits: 

  • You can charge your electric vehicle battery quicker (4-8 h, compared to 12 h from a standard socket);
  • Your EV will be protected from faults that can happen in the power grid;
  • The electrical installation on your property will be safe. We will install the charging station together with necessary protection devices. 

    Public charging stations

    Companies that own publicly available parking lots, such as shopping malls, office buildings, apartment buildings, as well as municipalities can benefit by installing a charging station:

    • Electric vehicle owners are likely to park in a lot with an EV charging station;
    • While their vehicle is charging, EV owners can use the company services such as shopping, going to a cafe, etc.; 
    • EV owners consider charging station availability when they buy or rent a property. 

    Fast charging stations

    Fast charging stations enable a recharge of an electric vehicle battery in 20 to 30 minutes. 

    We provide Efacec fast and ultrafast chargers with power up to 350kW and offer a full range of fast charger stations designed to suit different applications.
    Flexible solutions that fit all brands of EVs and integrate any remote management system.